D1 (DeVan Hooker) is a Los Angeles based hiphop and R&B producer who owns and operates 8ight Wonder Records.





Meet D1

D1 is DeVan Hooker of 8ighth Wonder Studios, based in Los Angeles. By day, D1 is the Chief Engineer at Atlantic Records where he's honed his craft and worked with artists across different genres. From Hip-Hop to R&B, Neo-Soul, Gospel and Afrobeat his passion for music is threaded through all his work. From executive producing to vocal production, engineering, instrumentation (plays drums, bass and piano), mixing & mastering - D1's smorgasbaord of artisty makes his sound and techniques unique.

8ighth Wonder studios has created amazing amounts of memories, from recording hip-hop history to watching people's vulnerability make crazy records. D1 loves working with independent artists who know they got something to share and are will to do the work to get there...

DeVan’s musical roots began in Richmond, Virginia during childhood in a volunteer gospel choir, where his Godfather, legendary Larry Brand, instilled a love for a home grown sound, cultivating community, and never forgetting where you come from.